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Jaipur sightseeing places: Why choose Sariska National Park in the itinerary?

There are different places to visit in and around the city of Jaipur. But those who love nature and want to be part of it during the trip can explore Sariska National Park, declared a wildlife sanctuary. It is located in Aravalli Hills, Alwar. The main attraction of this park is the save Tiger project. The park is spread over 800 sq. km.

tiger edited

The northern part of Aravalli hills does feature valleys and cliffs. The tour of the park can be completed in just a day. But those eager to have more of it can plan to avail the 2-3 day package. It is undoubtedly one of the most availed Jaipur sightseeing packages by both domestic and foreign traveler.

What is in an offer?

Lannea Coromandelica edited


Sariska Park does boast of having several types of flora and fauna like Boswellia Serrata, Bamboo, Kattha, Lannea Coromandelica, along with other varieties. The package also offers different destinations and Jaipur sightseeing places to explore. The park is also the best place to carry along the camera or videos and has pictures of different types of animals, birds, and insects taken in unlimited numbers.

Why visit this park?

  • Sariska is declared as a protected wildlife sanctuary. Wildlife photography is permitted here.


  • Jungle safari undoubtedly the main attraction for those who love nature and adventurous at heart.


  • It is the very first park to be introduced to save the dwindling tiger population.


  • Some of the popular wildlife here are chital, panther, hyena, jackal, jungle cat, sambar, nilgai, porcupines, hare, boar, etc.


  • Also are present different varieties of birds like a golden beaked woodpecker, peafowl, grey partridge, quail, crested serpent eagle, tree pie, sand grouse, the great Indian horned owl, and the white-breasted kingfisher, etc.
Sariska National Park
Grey Partridge,(Bird)

Some essential travel tips to follow

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is best visited by jeep. Here, jungle safari is conducted almost throughout the year. Contacting the travel agents can help to plan the itinerary accordingly so as to catch the different animals in action, thus making excellent wildlife viewing. The best time to visit the park is any time between October and June.

Conclusion: Sariska National Park is a protected sanctuary and should be part of the Jaipur travel package, especially if you are a nature lover and want to explore the natural beauties here.

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